How I Learned to use a Hammock

My husband brought home a gift for me, a hammock. This was such a generous gift for a “Traveling Lady of Leisure” to receive. Our fulltime traveling lifestyle makes it clear that I am quite spoiled in the area of comfort.

When he showed me this hammock I kept thinking to myself how he has made it possible for me to not work any longer and travel the country. It doesn’t get much better than this. Therefore, my stress level is at a lifetime low. What does this Traveling Lady of Leisure need relaxation from?

Filled with joy, he hung this hammock under a nice tree. He was so excited as he done this act just for me.

He works all day and for the first time in my life, I don’t! Now my question is changing to, “How am I ever going to give myself permission to use this hammock.”

Soon, he insisted I get in the hammock. Vague memories of a hammock that my father had when I was a kid filled my mind and the memory of knowing these things are tricky and can easily swing around in a full circle didn’t wavier my confidence of thinking that I could handle this task.

Wrong! I rolled a 360 and landed face down in the grass, beneath the hammock.

After he picked me up from the ground and we enjoyed a good laugh, I tried it again. And of course, this time I had guidance and was given detailed instructions during the entire process and I made it in the hammock. My time in the hammock was quite enjoyable but I couldn’t imagine using this any other time than this moment. He should be the one using this hammock after he’s worked a 10 – 12-hour day, not me!

As weeks went by, I walked past this hammock routinely. Sometimes, I found it hard to give it more than a glance as the same question crossed my mind, “How do I give myself permission to use that hammock?”

Recently, he had a day off and was playing outside with Tye so I decided now would be a great time to use the hammock. He’s home, he will see me using it and know how much I appreciate his gift and maybe he will use it also. I eagerly headed out to the hammock living out my wonderful idea and discovered a baby bird using my hammock. The bird was not intimitated by my presence and refused to leave. As I moved closer I expected its mother at any moment and decided its refusal to move meant it needed my hammock more than I.

Bird on hammock

A few weeks later, a beautiful sunny day with the highs in the 70’s appeared. A perfect day to rest in a hammock!

This day, I was determined, I was going to use this gift my husband gave me and not be concerned with justifying my actions.

The daily activities I do are done by choice. Other than taking care of my husband, I do not have to write, blog, sew, embroider or take classes. I just do. I have the privilege to do so and I have concluded that I don’t have to be exhausted, stressed or overworked to use a hammock. At least that is what I told myself.

Snatching some reading material, off I went, in the direction of the hammock. I remembered how to properly get in a hammock and was successful. I settled in the netted rope instantly and in the same quickness I had a butterfly entertaining me.  In the distance, I could hear bugs talking to each other and I found the silence of nature to be relaxing. A light breeze blew and a gentle move of mine put a soft swing in the hammock. Of course, Tye was roaming around the yard making his patrols as he secures our safety. Once I emotionally let go, I found it quite simple to rest while watching the blue sky above and I enjoyed every moment.

I not only learned how to use a hammock, I learned how to give myself permission to do so.

Feel free to share – Are there enjoyments in your life that you have to give yourself permission to experience?

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