I Would Prefer to Beg for Forgiveness than Ask Permission?

Just what does this statement mean? “I would prefer to beg for forgiveness than ask permission?”

This concept has baffled me for years. I heard the saying but never quite grasped it until I found myself befriending someone that lived by this statement and I seen it up close. As long as I didn’t say anything, she was going to walk all over our friendship and take advantage of whatever she could. Needless to say, our friendship didn’t last long enough to develop into a friendship with purpose.

I think this concept may look differently in different situations than the one friendship I encountered.

Does this statement truly reflect a lack of boundaries?

Does it accurately indicate the believer of this statement only lives by the boundaries that are set for them but aren’t mature enough to set their own boundaries?

Is this your thought process or do you know someone that lives life with this concept as their motto?

How does this thought process play out in life?

How does this concept look in the world of dating?

When a person lives by this concept, what does their relationships look like?

Please share,

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