Do You Take Your Bible With You?

Children of faith can be extremely impressive. I do not believe the children that participate in events such as “Bring Your Bible to School Day”, are capable of grasping the depth of their behavior but when they grow into adults they will be able to reflect back and see how important it was for them to exercise their rights.

I read about the annual “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and think about my childhood and where my faith was at then.

I remember in my Jr High years there was one student that brought their bible to school every day. It sat on their desk in plain sight, along with their textbooks. There was no doubt about it, the bible sitting in clear sight was a conversation starter. This was years ago and I don’t remember many details, with the exception that the student did speak boldly about their faith and it didn’t appear to me as if they had any close friends in school. I also don’t know if they felt they needed close friends. At the time, it felt to me as if they were missing something but I know now, they weren’t missing anything of importance. In fact, this student had much more than I did at the time; faith and belief.

Although that bible was the only bible I remember ever seeing at school. As an adult, I have been known to take my bible to work with me. And I am not talking about my unseen bible app. I am referring to the actual book form. I have also been known to have lunch with another believer that brought her bible to work also and we would occasionally discuss biblical topics with our bibles open on the table during our lunch hour.

Are adults doing the same as the children that are participating in todays focus?

Do you feel as if you need to hide what you believe while at work?

Do you believe enough to take a stand in every area of your life?

Do we exercise our rights or do we sit back, complaining that our rights are being taken away from us?

Maybe our faith doesn’t belong in our work, should our faith be confined to certain places?

How much does our faith, make up who we are?

Does our faith belong in every area of our lives or only where we think society wants it?

Why is this an annual event and not a part of our everyday?

Is this annual event for the growth others or ourselves?

As a child, I can honestly say, my faith was not strong enough nor did I feel a need to make it known while I was in school. Thankfully, as an adult I feel differently. Where do you stand?

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