The Complete Evangelical Parallel Bible - opened to pages 2504 & 2505

What Bible Translation Do You Use?

We have an extreme variety of translations to choose from when selecting the version of Bible, we use. Some translations are more prominent than others but we have freedom to use the translation of our choice.

How do you determine which translation is best for you?

How long have you been using your current translation?

Which translation is your “go to” translation?

I have a handful of translations in my home. Years ago, I wore out my NIV and went to the NLT. That experience didn’t last long and I purchased a Parallel Bible. The Parallel Bible has multiple translations side by side so you are able to cross check different translations and make a firm comparison.

The Parallel Bible I was using has NKJV, NIV, NLT and the Message translations side by side. This opened my eyes to the Message translation and I quickly formed an opinion on its wording.

Now, I prefer using the Parallel Bible consisting of: KJV, NKJV, NIV and the NLT.

What do you prefer?


  1. I use the King James Version. While sending out verses to friends and family, I would sometimes get a reply of”my Bible doesn’t say that” I have had that once here on wordpress too. I feel God will get His message through, no matter what. He did create everything, after all 🙂 🙂 His Word also tells us that He put His Word in our hearts and minds. The Spirit to guide us. God really did set us up for success. Praise God for covering all the bases for us 🙂 LORD, I ask You to bless Tracie, and the work she is doing for You 🙂


  2. I use KJV and NIV in my study. When I started getting into the Word, I only used NIV because it was easier for me to understand. The old English threw me off. When I got more into the word and became a minister, my pastor made a requirement to use KJV in the pulpit. I started to study that version more. I hear people argue about translation and what translation they should be using. I believe every translation put out the same thing in different wording. KJV is harder to read because a lot of people don’t understand old English. The other translation comes to help us understand.

    Keep doing what you doing for the Lord and keep blessing people with your work.

    Many Blessings, Yolanda.


  3. I prefer the KJV. I too struggled with it when I was young. I always told God it felt like trying to read Greek. I’m sure I must have given Him quite a laugh each time considering it originates from Greek and Hebrew… lol. On my journey of reading His word I began to use the NIV and it did help tremendously, however I was later given a book from a friend that was written by one of the NIV author explaining over 100 verses intentionally left out, and many more intentionally reworded. So while I still prefer the KJV now, I know from my own journey that God will use whatever He chooses to help those who are seeking His through His words. Praise God when we take the time to read His love letter for us! He loves you, Tracie!


  4. For memorization, I use NIV, but I tend to study in NLT. The Message and NET versions are also great for comparing scripture when studying. I love King James for the tradition…it feels most traditional to read and listen to.


  5. I read the NIV mostly, though I also use NKJV, Amplified, and others. I also use the YouVersion app on my phone, where I can compare many different versions. Which is really helpful.


  6. My KJV is my go to translation to settle any questions and believe it or not get a clearer understanding. I grew up with it and am most comfortable with it, loving its beautiful language. It also makes me slow down and consider word meanings. My study bible is the NASB . It has wide margins I can write in and I do like the translation. I compare others at times but these two are my standard ones of use.


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