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Are You Getting Paid to Message with Me?

The desire to meet someone special existed long before computers. Before online dating, struggles with finding a date through the old-fashioned way existed similar to the way they seem to today. Some that struggled, may have turned to placing a Personal Ad in the local newspaper. Although, this way consisted of a lot less information than today’s online profiles, it was an option.  Dating games have been on television for years and single parties/events were organized with purpose.

Today, those Personal Ads in the local newspapers now appear as dating profiles on the world wide web.

Apparently, today’s society wants to date but some are too busy to write their own profiles, message potential dates and are too busy to ask for a potential dates phone number.

When online daters find themselves too busy to search an online catalog themselves, they hire a Virtual Dating Assistant to get the job done.

A Virtual Dating Assistant gets paid to write profile pages, message potential dates and they also get paid to collect phone numbers.

  • How do you feel about someone paying for your phone number?
  • How do you feel about someone getting paid to get your phone number?
  • If someone doesn’t have time or ambition to communicate prior to a date, and hires someone to complete this task for them, what are fair expectations to have of them through a long-term relationship?
  • Have you hired a Virtual Dating Assistant?
  • Do you believe you have communicated with a Virtual Dating Assistant through your dating search?
  • If you have communicated with a Virtual Dating Assistant prior to talking to a potential date on the phone or in person, thinking you have already gotten preliminary/identifying information but in reality, you haven’t. How does that make you feel?
  • If potential dates aren’t actually communicating with the person through the virtual conversations prior to speaking via phone or in person, what’s the point in having any communications prior to giving your phone number? Does it seem any more logical to simply post phone numbers on the profile for anyone to call?

None of this seems logical or safe to me.

Please share your experience, opinions and expectations of using Virtual Dating Assistants.

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