Free as a Bird!

Being single can be quite demanding. All responsibilities depend on one person; the single.Frequently, a singles work week is much more than a standard 40 hour dedicated time span. Its not uncommon for singles to hold down a fulltime job and a part time job or attend school. Or all the above, transforming a standard 40 hour work week into a 60 to 70 hour time of fatigue. This lifestyle is routine, as well as exhausting.

The singles “to do” list is a continual list that may get shorter but never seems to get completed. The frustration that builds from this ongoing demand builds exhaustion just thinking of it.

Throughout the day when the burden of demands are weighing heavy on your mind and body, dreams probably enter your thoughts of doing something just for yourself. This is not a selfish thought!

Imagine this: You are free as a bird! Your “to do” list is complete and you have a day off from work and school along with all other responsibilities. The time in front of you, is yours! What would you do with your free time?


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