Who Would You Be, if Your Dreams Came True?

We all have dreams and a lot of our dreams are exactly that, dreams. They consist of things that we wish we could do, experience or be.

Periodically, thoughts cross our minds that begin with,

“If only…”,

“If I had the chance, I would….”

“If I didn’t have to do this, I would be doing….”

Unfortunately, we get stuck in the wave that appears to be responsibility but is often just our comfort zone.

A duck staying in rough waterws
Paddling along in my comfort zone!

With thoughts in the back of our minds telling us that there is more to us than we are living, we paddle along inside our comfort zone in forward motion. Each day begins the same and ends the same and each day runs out of time. The next day, we begin the same as we ended the day prior, in our path shaped by our comfort zone and again, dreaming who we could be or what we could do, “if only…”

Time goes by, but that dream stirs up within us again. We begin thinking of new ways we could make our dreams come true. This time with a little more excitement the details get more vivid creating more depth to the dream. Bravely, we venture to one side or the other and hit an unseen obstacle keeping us in our comfort zone.

A duck in rough waters
Stuck in the ways of comfort!

Those obstacles are typically, time and money. Or possibly they are excuses. Sometimes it is our own fear that pushes us back to where we are comfortable.

We have talents that stir within us that want to come out in a positive way. Imagine money and time weren’t an issue and you had no fear! Who would you be, what would you do if your dreams had no obstruction?

Would you write music, write books, act in the theater?

Would you build relationships, do volunteer work, build a non profit organization, start your own business?

Do you pray your dreams line up with God’s Will? If so, don’t be shocked when He makes them a reality.


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