What’s Love Got to do With the World of Dating?

Ah…The world of dating!

The idea of dating entertains some, humors others and scares many.

Why date? Most go on these social appointments, hoping to connect with someone in some way and experience love.

As I glance through a few blog posts on the web, I am concluding there may be more dating going on than love finding.

Over the years and through many conversations, I have witnessed people be motivated to search for a feeling they want to experience. Not being able to explain this desired feeling through words, they slap one word on it and call it “love”.

Besides slapping the “love” label on a variety of emotions, some label the idea of having security of some type, such as emotional, physical and even financial security through another person and calling it “love”.

Although, a relationship filled with love provides security, it often seems the desires for security in something gets confused as love.

I can’t quite find the “me, me, me” in my definition of love either. As it also appears that many are looking to be loved but don’t mention giving love to someone. Is that love?

Whether you are married or single, dating or not dating, what is your definition of love? And, where does your definition of love come from?

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