Our Travels

My husband and I travel in our 5th Wheel for his job. We have a 3 year old Boarder Collie/Australian Shepherd that tags along with his basket of toys ready for any adventure that we may come across. And this is where I keep my blog readers up to date on our current and past locations.

To maintain Single & Redeemed’s focus of single Christian living with purity, “Our Travels” are in the process of being updated at: GypsyLife. Please join us!

June 2018 – Iowa

We move quickly to and from. After a quick trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin we were pointed in the direction of Iowa. Our latest location is surrounded with cornfields and hog smells for an undetermined time frame. The weather varies from major amounts of rain to the point of some flooding. Days are filled with heat and humidity to refreshing sunny and cool days. As with many places we venture, the population is minimal and friendly so far.

We have discovered,  in order to find something to do in Iowa, you have to have a sense of adventure and be willing to explore. Trout fishing is grand in NE Iowa and the terrain changes drastically in that area also, with rolling hills, wildlife, and fish filled streams. The Des Moines area has been pleasant and is a relaxed atmosphere whenever we make a trip to downtown or the surrounding areas.


April – May 2018

We left Northern Arizona the first week of April with 4 days to get to Iowa. So we thought? As we were pulling onto the highway, the phone rang…. we now have a few weeks until the next job and we don’t know where it will be.

I love adventure and I love living on faith.

We brought the vehicles to a stop thinking where we want to go…. hmmm…. After a quick moment we decided that we would make the most of our time and head back to Canyon De Chelly to take a tour inside the canyon instead of only seeing the canyon from the rim. We would then head to Colorado (since this is my favorite place) and on the way we would make a few additional stops since time was on our side.

Telluride, Colorado April 2018

The month of April ended and we were still in Colorado…roaming around and enjoying every moment. But our unexpected vacation did come to an end soon after May arrived. Post are in the process of the many adventures we experienced in Colorado. If they are not posted yet, they will be soon referencing:

South Fork – Wolf Creek Pass
Durango, Silverton & Ouray
San Juan Valley
Monument Valley
Canyon De Chelly
Mesa Verde


February – March 2018

We spent 2 months on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Each morning we were blessed with a view of the San Francisco Peaks. The Peaks are usually snowcapped this time of year. Our visit gave us an opportunity to explore Dilkon, the Hopi Reservation, Flagstaff, Winslow and a few other adventures.  (Click the link to read the post)

Flagstaff Az March 2018
San Francisco Peaks – Flagstaff Arizona, March 2018


January 2018
January has been adventurous! We returned from an 8-day Hawaiian vacation during the first week of January and went straight back to work in Mohave County, Arizona while parking the RV in Nevada. The weather, sunsets and sunrises were beautiful.

Quickly our journey gave us a break and we rested outside of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. A place that we frequent and enjoy the remote area, desert landscape and sunsets.

As January closes, we are off to another adventure in Northern Arizona with a view of the San Francisco Peaks
San Fran Peaks


November – December 2017

Route 66 continues for us… Seligman, Arizona is our newest location (see post)

Seligman Arizona


Late October – November 2017
We arrived in Gallup, New Mexico and will be here for a few weeks. In the years past, I have driven through Gallup many times via I-40, but have never had the opportunity to spend time here. Unfortunately with this opportunity, so far, I haven’t found much of interest. I am hoping to make it to a museum to discover more about the history of this area before we leave.

We drove the area of Route 66 that goes through town and it is disappointing that the history isn’t more kept up and maintained. Shopping in town is very limited but does provide a few basic options. I attempt to only post positive statements but I have to be honest about the trash all over and I do mean all over. Shopping centers and sidewalks are covered in liter in the Gallup area.
Life is lived slightly different here than I am used to being surrounded by. I was amazed as we drove down a road and were approaching the Juvenile Detention Center. I had to look sternly to confirm what I was seeing. There were bulls grazing in the parking area. The picture below of the single bull is of a bull that left the parking lot when we pulled in and he went into the field next to the buildings. The other bulls decided they would stay and not allow us to be a distraction to them. The sheep were escaping their home and were in the midst of being roped by the household children.

We were excited that Jeff got a day off and we spent the time having lunch in Albuquerque with a few of his long time friends. Friends are a blessing!

Albuquerque – Nov 2017

Albuquerque is beautiful! We wanted to ride the Sandia Peak Tramway but were unable to on this trip. This has been added to our “To Do” list for the future, along with the Balloon Fiesta that takes place every October. We arrived in the area too late this year to attend.
After lunch we were able to stop at a local Winery. I chose this attraction to spend our afternoon at because I seen 1629 on one of the buildings and I know Albuquerque was a Spanish Colony sometime in the 1700’s so I wanted to learn more. Once we arrived at the winery, we found out that I was mistaken as this number only represents a wine they make here. I was disappointed but we truely enjoyed the afternoon.

October 2017 (late October)
Since arriving in Mohave County, we have stayed a few weeks in Kingman, Arizona for the purpose of staying close to my husband’s current job location. Now, he is blessed to have 2 weeks off until he needs to be in New Mexico for the next job. He has taken me to the Colorado River to stay about a week. Lucky me!!! The newest view from my living room window is:

View from our living room - Colorado.jpg
Arizona side of the Colorado looking at Nevada, near Bullhead City Arizona & Laughlin Nevada – Oct 2017

It doesn’t get much better than this! Sitting in Arizona and looking at Nevada over the Colorado River.
Tye is enjoying the river more than we are:

Since arriving at the Colorado River, Tye has gotten to listen to many birds chattering among each other, watch many ducks play in the water and chase off a coyote from our campsite too.

October 15, 2017

We made our latest venture from South Dakota to Mohave County Arizona. It was an event filled drive and we had a few delays during our course of travels. This drive should have taken us less than 4 days but we did make it and it is obvious the Lord was with us and provided His protection. A lifelong resident of Utah was an extreme help of generosity and I have to admit I was shocked to know that people still open their doors to strangers and say “help yourself to what you need and if you ever see me in need, I hope you stop and help me.”
Our journey across Wyoming was beautiful with many antelope, deer and a herd of large elk. I was hoping to see buffalo but settled for snowcapped mountains in the far distance.

Utah was also a sight to see although the smog in Salt Lake City kept us from experiencing what I believe would have been a lovely sunset over the city. The mountains were gorgeous.
We do not know how long we will be here but are familiar with the area, so familiar that when we crossed the Arizona state line I looked at my husband and said “Welcome home”. We have spent many years in the state and we both call it home.
I will update this page again when we move on to our next adventure. In the meantime, we will be enjoying the mild weather.

Summer 2017 (July – Oct)

Tye in South Dakota
Tye waiting for his toy to be thrown in the water. South Dakota July 2017

We are currently in South Dakota on a 3 month stay. We have located a wonderful campground surrounded by a lake and ranch. There hasn’t been many campers while we have been here and we seem to have the campground to ourselves almost everyday. I am not complaining but there are a lot of campers missing out on this quiet and peaceful location, with horses, kayaking and canoeing too. At this point, we do not know where we will head next but I will update this page when we are notified when and where we are venturing to next.


Traveling has many benefits, meeting new people and seeing different landscapes are probably on the top of my benefit list. We also get to experience different grocery stores, churches, restaurants and towns. We are currently located near Watertown SD and are limited on grocery store and restaurant options. Watertown has a population of approximately 21, 000 and we are doing our shopping at a small chain store, HyVee and the local butcher shop, Dakota Butcher. We enjoy both of these options.

We love a unique restaurant and here in Watertown, we discovered Dempsey’s. I think I may have had one of the best breakfast’s I have ever had there. It consists of eggs, celery, carrots, sausage and potato pancakes…..mmmm…. and topped with sour cream. I would look like a potato if I ate them as frequently as I am tempted to. I am not a big pizza fan but their pizza is delicious and looks like artwork. I believe awards have been won by the chef for his pizzas. They place the ingredients on the pizzas with intention so each piece is balanced with the meat and vegetables. Very nicely done!

I take all the pictures for my blog myself, therefore most pictures are currently of South Dakota.